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Goldspeed C-9205

The Goldspeed C-9205 ATV Front tyre is constructed with a special advanced formulated rubber compound only Goldspeed is capable of providing! Weather its raining or shining Goldspeed Tyres have you covered with the best performing ATV tyres available. The red label rubber compound is our softest rubber compound with added silicon in the formulated rubber compound designed specifically for wet track conditions providing you with the ultimate grip & traction rain or shine! The blue label rubber compound provides excellent grip & traction with longer ware life vs. the red compound but still giving you the perfect amount of traction/grip. The Goldspeed C-9205 ATV front tyres are designed with a new reinforced sidewall allowing you to run a lower air pressure when needed without changing the ride comfort & balance of your vehicle. Our tread design is the original & most copied tread design in the industry, many imitate, but no one can duplicate the performance or quality of the Goldspeed C-9205 ATV Tyres.

Available Colours


Yellow - Hard Compound

Blue - Intermediate Compound

Red- Soft Compond

All Available Sizes

165 / 70 / 10 Yellow - £0
165 / 70 / 10 Blue - £0
165 / 70 / 10 Red - £0